Welcome to PARANUMUS

PARANUMUS is a dedicated cash flow management tool created by combined experience of software developers, bankers and chief financial officers. The idea came out of need personally as CFO and bankers. Most of the businesses struggle in managing their cash flow. They can hardly find any software dedicated to cash flow and solely rely on excel & google sheets for forecasting their future cash flow.

After conducting a survey we have justified the need and developed PARANUMUS for you. Let PARANUMUS be your right hand in managing your cash flow. It would help you to spare your valuable time on strategic thinking such as medium and long term solutions to seasonal and/or cyclical cash flow shortages.

Features & Overviews

  • Efficiency

    Helps you to manage your cash flow and debt in one consolidated tool.

  • Credibility

    Serves to your credibility via improving financial health of your business.

  • Security

    Our servers are hosted in Amazon Cloud, protected with many layers of network and application security.

  • Machine Learning

    The more data you feed the more she learns. i.e. average and maximum payment day of customers.

  • Scenario Analysis

    Creates different scenarios of cash flow forecast subject to future FX rates or sales.

  • Responsive Design

    As an online tool you can always access via your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

  • Recommendation Tool

    If you have an excess or short of cash, she will recommend you to close which loan or ask which bank to provide loan.

  • Company Hierarchy

    Different business units or different companies with in the group could have access to own data only.


Our Services

How do we do it?

Different business units and/or various companies each have different ERP tools. They each export data from ERP and merge it with excel sheets they keep for cash flow and debt management. File formats could be identical or not. One of the businesses could be local and another one in abroad therefore both could have different base currencies. PARANUMUS merges all these sets of data to one identical format. Each business unit could view their own performance where as C level would be able to see the combined performance.